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Here is where you'll find recordings from previous live events and member-exclusive recordings. Get out your pen and paper, because you're gonna want to take notes!

Co-parenting Part 1: The Legal Perspective

Listen in as we ask Tim Henderson (family lawyer and mediator) and Lauren Conti (family lawyer)

your questions about what you need to consider when drafting a Separation Agreement. 

The Kids Will Be Alright

We asked former psychotherapist, Monique Gouthro, your top five questions about kids and divorce.

Fun with Taxes!

Listen in as Brittany and Meagan talk about the changes you need to know about when filing taxes after separation. 

What Makes a Good Marriage? 

The million-dollar question! Check out what therapist, Michelle McKitrick thinks you need to consider.

Finances 101: Ask a Financial Planner

Laura Fralick, retired Certified Financial Planner, gave us the low down on why having a financial planner looking out for you is a smart step in the post-separation journey.