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Here is where you'll find recordings from previous live events and member-exclusive recordings. Get out your pen and paper, because you're gonna want to take notes!

What makes for good or healthy sex or good sensual play? What kinds of conditions might women be dealing with that require some creative solutions for pleasure? How can we learn to tell our partner about what we desire, especially if it's something new? We talked about all this and more, making this video a little something for everyone, regardless of your status in marriage, separation or divorce. Listen to or watch our candid chat with Michelle McKitrick, social work and psychotherapist, on all things related to S-E-X.

The kids are alright. That's what former psychotherapist Monique Gouthro says. Listen to her ideas on how to navigate those early-days discussions with your children.

Co-parenting is hard. There are no two ways about it. Listen to lawyers Lauren Conti and Tim Henderson talk about what you should and shouldn't focus your energy on. Hint: it's not cereal!

Our favourite therapist, Michelle McKitrick, talks about evaluating your marriage and knowing when it's time to leave and when it's time to put in some work.

There are two certainties in life: death and taxes. In this video tax expert Brittany walks us through what you will need to know when filing your taxes for the first time post-separation.

Financial plans aren't just for the rich and famous. Now is the best time to get started. Understand what it takes to build a solid financial plan as you navigate life after separation.

unhitch Talks: Financial Planning101

unhitch Talks: Financial Planning101

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