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A list for when you don’t know where to start

Top 10 resources for unhitching

Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.

-Brené Brown

In January 2022, we broke out of our gloomy wintering to share our Top 10 fav resources for separation and divorce over social media. The highlights are summarized here for easy browsing and an easy place to start if you don’t quite know where to begin.

Number 1:

We agreed this is our top go-to legal resource that we keep bookmarked to accurately calculate child support amounts each year (and where you can calculate spousal support amounts too).

It's super easy to understand, and there is a basic, free version and also a premium, fee-based version if your situation is more complicated.

A very close second that almost made this a tie is the really helpful Family Law Portal. More than 200 family law experts collaborated to create this free online resource (for Ontario law FYI).

Number 2. Money Master Class with Gail Vaz-Oxlade

Our mutual top pick for a fantastic and fun financial glow up was the Money Master Class hosted over Twitter in 2020 by Canadian financial guru Gail Vaz-Oxlade.

Want to finally learn how to realistically budget? How to have fun visualizing your debt and paying it down? How to meet your goals beyond just paying your bills, and staying afloat while you do it? Then this no nonsense self-paced overview is for you.

Gail's spending analysis worksheet is a particularly useful tool if you are getting used to running a household on a solo income again and you want to see where your money is going and coming from!

If you’re looking for more money tips, we’ve also posted new content on on financial planning for separation and divorce (members also get access to a Financial Planning 101 checklist).

Number 3. Yoga with Adriene

Today we are highlighting one of our top coping resources: Yoga with Adriene or YWA as her groupies (us) call it.

We were fans even before the pandemic, charmed by Adriene's down-to-earth humour and any-level inclusiveness. The free part also doesn't hurt. And since 2020, YWA has been a life raft in our work/play/parent all under one roof home-lives.

Are we sometimes doing this in our pjs drinking coffee? Yes. Is it hard to have a zen yoga practice with kids, pets, partners, work and the mess of life all around. Definitely yes. Do we think we have gained something by just doing it anyway and mostly imperfectly? Also yes.

This truly is yoga for everyone, even the dog.

Looking for more coping and well-being resources? We have lists of things we tried and liked at including extra content just for members.