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Life, am I right?! Take a break -- however that looks for you. We've curated a few lists here that include our favourite songs, (really short) yoga videos, and more! Come back here often to see what we've added.  Breathe in, breathe out...and forget the "To do" list for a moment...

We started doing the YWA 30-Day Yoga Journey many years ago.  But once that high of making it through an entire month of yoga wore off, we became...unmotivated. So we curated some of our favourite - SHORT - videos and called it "YUMPs": Yoga for UnMotivated People. And now we gift this to you. Even if you only ever do the 7 minute Couch Potato video, it still counts and you'll feel so much better!

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play list 

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Books? Podcast?

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