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Our goal is to host events that will answer your most burning questions about all things separation-related - and some fun nights out too! 

We'll be adding many more events in the future, so keep checking back. And if you have suggestions for events, or would like to sponsor an event, please contact us!

Recordings available on the members site!

Let's Talk About Sex: Ask a Therapist

Therapist extraordinaire Michelle MicKitrick joined us again. This time, we drew on her expertise as a sex therapist to answer the burning question on many separated women’s minds: "How will I EVER be able to get naked with another human, and do I even want to?”

Michelle tackled aaaaallll the things in the bedroom and everyone walked away with some great advice.

Coping 101: Ask a Therapist

When preparing for your life before/during/after separation, you need to build a team of experts to help you navigate this new path: someone to help you with the legal aspects of separation, someone to help you with a plan to make you financially whole, and someone to help you put the pieces back together to make sure you're stronger, healthier and happier on the other side. 

Registered psychotherapist, marriage and family therapist, and certified sex therapist, Michelle McKitrick is who you will want on your team. Michelle answered all of our hardest questions about how to know if it's time and what to say when you've made the difficult decision to leave. 

Financial Planning 101: Charting your (newly single) financial course

Laura Fralick, retired Certified Financial Planner answered questions like "How will I qualify for a mortgage once I'm separated?", "Should I invest my equalization payment or use it to pay off debt?" or "What happens to my kids' RESPs after the divorce?" —then this event is for you!

We get it—money is stressful at the best of times. And downright terrifying when going through a separation. Let Laura put your mind at ease.

Family Law 101 - What you need to know before you go


Lauren Conti from Henderson Family Law guided us through what to know before meeting with a lawyer for the first time to discuss separation, divorce or custody.

She discussed what to expect during your first lawyer meeting, what to prepare in advance and how to know if your lawyer is a good fit for you. 

Stay Tuned!

Future events that are in the works are:

Ask a Therapist

Join us and our Registered Marriage & Family Therapist as we deep dive into the most common concerns around separation and divorce. 

But Where Will I Live?!

Learn what your options are for renting, buying or staying put from real estate professionals. Members always get front-of-the-line access to our experts!

Time to Pay the Piper (or the CRA)

Navigating tax time is never fun - but what changes once you separate? Join us to find out and make filing your taxes (hopefully) a little less daunting.

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