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Who doesn't love a good list?!


Check out our handy-dandy lists to help keep you on track when you feel like you don't even know what you need to know!

Have ideas for more checklists? Send 'em our way!

Love, Lust, & Learn

Here it is. The only list you'll ever need to get you, or keep you, on track with your love life - whether it involves another person or just yourself! Our favourite sex therapist, Michelle McKitrick, has given us a list of the very best books to share with you. 

Financial Security & Wellbeing

What happens to your finances in the immediate, medium and long-term after a separation is probably one of your biggest worries. Download this checklist and then find a financial planner to help you make a plan.


Hint: it's not as scary as you think, and a good financial planner will put your mind at ease. Promise.

Preparing for your first lawyer meeting

Making that first appointment with a lawyer is stressful. This checklist was created for your first meeting, using advice from a family lawyer. Being prepared with not only reduce your stress, but save you money!

How to save money on your legal fees

There's no way around it: dealing with lawyers is not only daunting but expensive. Grab this list for lawyer-approved suggestions on how to potentially cut down your legal fees.

Coping Strategies & Resources

It's easy to get lost in the sadness, the busyness (who gets what, custody arrangements, finding a place to live), and the overwhelm of separating. But it's vital to take care of yourself in order to get through it all intact. Check out this list for some great ideas!

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