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Family Law & Immigration

A look at separation and divorce from a newcomer’s perspective

In this short video, we interview immigration lawyer Jennifer Dagsvik, Director of the Newcomer Legal Clinic in Thunder Bay, to understand how family law issues can affect women’s immigration status and vice versa. Broadly speaking, newcomers include people with:

  • immigration status

  • temporary residence status

  • work permits

  • visitor visas

  • study permits

  • refugee status

Listen in as Jen shares some of the particular challenges that arise when a woman finds herself in the process of separation or divorce but isn’t yet a Canadian citizen, and answers some common questions including:

> How do I get a divorce in Canada if I wasn’t married here or I’m living common law?

> What information do I need to bring to a lawyer as a newcomer if I want a separation or divorce in a new country?

> Are there any resources for divorce that newcomers like myself can access for free?

Throughout our interview, Jen also provides helpful resources that women can access for quality information and advice on navigating family law as a newcomer to Canada.

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